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The Need

In water/wastewater treatment, labor, energy, solids hauling and chemicals account for the majority of operational expenses. Intelligent use of chemical additives for contaminant removal and dewatering sludge is key to keeping chemical and solids hauling costs in check.

Current automation options are limited to expensive, complicated, service-intensive sensors that are unreliable and ineffective with highly variable water feeds. Industrial plants with on-site wastewater treatment – with highly variable feeds, lack of skilled wastewater treatment operators and aggressive cost and environmental controls – are a primary target

The Market

Our primary market is the water & wastewater treatment sector. In the US, this includes roughly 14,000 water plants and 22,000 wastewater plants in the municipal segment, and roughly 275,000 plants in the industrial sector. This represents a serviceable target of $1.2 Billion in the US alone – the US being about 28% of the global potential. Sales channels in this industry are mature and difficult and expensive to build. Our go-to market is based on cultivating indirect channel partners.

Secondary vertical markets include manufacturing, particularly pharma, food & beverage, specialty chemicals, pulp and paper and cement where particle-monitoring is key to production operations. This represents another $1.9 Billion in the US, roughly 22% of the global opportunity. Our strategy here is a royalty model based on technology licensing to an existing instrument supplier.

The Opportunity

OptikTechnik has received a $50,000 award from BREW, the Water Council’s accelerator program. We are currently seeking additional investment to finalize commercialization of the product by end of 2016.

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