How It Works

24/7 Real Time Monitoring and Control

Our Product

The product consists of a sensor, controller and proprietary monitoring and control software. It is available as a standalone system easily retrofitted to existing dosing and control hardware.

The sensor is based on scanning the sample area of the water in the pipe or tank with a laser light sheet created by a high speed rotating polygonal mirror. An instantaneous image is recorded by a photo detector, and after transformations into a grey scale image, our proprietary algorithms extract information on the aggregation state.


Feedback Control

In a feedback control setting, the sensor is immersed in the chemical mixing tank or pipe. The controller reads sensor outputs and adjusts the dose of chemical additive accordingly.


Feed-Forward Control

In a feed-forward mode, an additional sensor upstream detects in-coming water quality and triggers adjustments to chemical dose in advance. Our patent-pending sensing technology is what makes this possible.

Competitive Advantage

Real Time

Most plants opt for manual sampling and dose adjustment every few hours, an off-line method that requires a skilled operator and can take up to 1 hour for a result. OptikTechnik sensors operate 24/7 with real time monitoring and feedback.


Other automation sensors rely on a principle of optics that breaks down in many situations – high contaminant concentrations, extremely fine particulates aggregates or high forward angle-light scatter particles. The OptikTechnik sensors do not have these limitations and will give consistent accurate readings.

Low Maintenance

All other automated sampling techniques rely on drawing a sample through a measurement cell, a technique that may distort the measurement and cause constant plugging and high maintenance requirements for the instrument. OptikTechnik sensors are immersed in the tank, and take real time readings in place, without the need to draw a sample.

Interested In Becoming A Pilot Site?

OptikTechnik is looking for additional pilot locations to implement our unique solution. If you want to discuss how OptikTechnik can improve your wastewater treatment process, please contact us.

Interested In Investing?

OptikTechnik is growing. We are looking for investors who are as excited as we are about the great water technology innovation happening in Milwaukee. Check out our investor page to learn more.